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in-between Yiyun Kang Vimeo

In-between, 2009

“in-between” tries to seek the sensory engagement of audiences. The multiple projections and floating screen along with the subtle images make this installation to create an immersive space. Yiyun creates a space in which the viewers could immerse themselves within the piece and spend their time to contemplate by walking around. Through “in-between”, Yiyun explores the question about human's sensory disorientation that happens in-between the “real” and the “virtual”. Projected images of traces made by the performer’s body create some confusion that blurs whether what they are seeing is real or not. The familiar yet uncanny images trigger psychological tension between audiences and the projections in the piece. In fact she attempts to create a dialogue with the installation by altering the audience’s perception. She keeps all the visual languages quite simple and minimal in order to maximize the basic concept.