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EDA test 09 Yiyun Kang Vimeo

EDA test08 Yiyun Kang Vimeo

surface test 07 EDA Yiyun Kang Vimeo

Test 07/08/09 : tests at EDA, video documentaions, 2008

In “Surface_02”, Yiyun adopted a bigger space.
The moment of immersive contemplation has close relationship with the size of the projection since size enormously matters to our perception in these series of experiments.
It creates an illusion as if huge white fabric thoroghly envelopes the giant wall. In this sense, those exercises suggest more immersive experience as well as moment of shifting. Simply adding one video projection, white cube is no longer a passive background in where we usually put art works, but turns into an active element as a crucial part of the work.